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This will checkout and package the latest SVN version. A turn based combat-oriented tactics RPG. This game dispenses with all of the boring stuff and jumps straight to the important part: kill the monsters, take their stuff. Rogue-like game with hilarity as the centerpiece. Requires purchase of Humble Introversion Bundle.

A single-player fantasy game. You control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated persistent world.

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Packed with Ironhand's tileset and graphics pack. Does not replace other dwarffortress packages. Mayday tileset. Packed with the Myne tileset, some binary patches, and CLA's colour scheme. Obsidian tileset. Packed with Phoebus' graphics set. A casual puzzle-platformer that challenges you to roll your cube through over levels. An open source Scrabble game that offers three different game modes standard, duplicate and training. Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents.

Emerald is alternative viewer. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a completely free, standalone, team-based, multiplayer FPS etlegacy data files only. Entroband is an Angband variant that is intended to be difficult, yet rewarding for characters of all levels. Turn-based RPG. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a commercial team and class-based multiplayer game. You need the retail DVD to play.

A tetris like game, but the 'random' order of piece selection is different than the standard 'random' number generator method. This is an alternative viewer for SecondLife. SecondLife is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. You need the retail pak files to play. Community maintained forged alliance system, runs Supreme Commander through wine Linux not officially supported. Sword of Fargoal is a simple to play roguelike game where you have to explore the undergrounds and fight monsters.

A simple Linux tool to get all info about Final Fantasy XIII weapons and accessories, such as rank, catalyst, shops, prices, remaining experience to star level. FIFErpg is a framework for creating games utilizing a component-based entity system. Firestorm is alternative viewer for secondlife native 32bit, OpenSim version.

FoB is a game where you swing bulls to defend yourself against incoming hordes of A fortune file constructed from the quotes at the start of every chapter in Dune: The Butlerian Jihad. Fortune cookies from pro-linux. This is a collection of quotes fortune cookies from Douglas Adams' famous Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. A fairy tale whose hero belongs to one of the many Metal sub- genres, served in the marvelous form of fortune cookies!

Seinfeld was an American television sitcom, airing on NBC, about four friends living in New York City, considered to be one of the most popular and influential of the s in the U. A science fiction role playing game which tells the story of a world destroyed by a conflict between robots and their human masters - development version. FreeSynd is a free, cross-platform reimplementation of engine for the classic Bullfrog game 'Syndicate'.

A game of musical skill and fast fingers. Play guitar with the keyboard as accurately as possible. Like guitar Hero. A game in which you throw colorful bubbles and build groups to destroy the bubbles development version. The resulting X-Plane scenery packages work under X-Plane 8. Global scenery for the relevant areas must also have been installed. A modern Quake 1 engine with many advanced features.

Client and server. Git version. FTL: Faster Than Light, a spaceship simulation real-time roguelike-like requires full copy of the game. A rebranded Cedega release - requires an archive from https:gametreedeveloper. Garden of coloured lights, a game by Linley Henzell, is a vertical shoot-em-up that is a piece of art. GearHead2 is a giant robot roguelike role playing game set five years after the events of GH1. Features include random plot generation, detailed character creation, tacticalRPG modes, graphicalASCII interfaces, and many kinds of mecha to play with. Mod for glest - separate megapack techtree with additional factions Indian, Norsemen, Persian , tilesets, scenarios and maps.

The object of the game is to outmaneuver your opponent and be the first to outline a square, called a quod, by capturing its four corners with your colored attacking pieces. Extensible logic game, based on Boulder Dash, Hafik, Supaplex etc. Move your avatar to collect valuables and go to end.

A gamediversion where you construct a program for a little robot, then watch him explore a world. A script for linux for downloading and for resuming the download of GoG games and their additional contents. Shogi program ported from Stockfish combined with GPSShogi's evaluation function and other shogi stuffs. Gumband's primary feature is that it is set in the Multiverse of Michael Moorcocks Eternal Champion sword and sorcery tales, the best known of which is the saga of Elric. When the number of computers in existence and their processing capacity exceeds that of all mankind, a point of technological singularity is encountered.

A massive economic and systematic crisis hits the entire world. Nobody knows the exact cause, and all. A lengthy campaign is included, with easy support for the creation of additional content. A 2D physics-based video game in which you swing large melee weapons to destroy enemies game sold separately. Chess program that can be used for playing against your computer and for viewingediting your PGN files. This 2d platformer is based on Community's Digital Estate Planning episode. It's built using the love game engine. Heebo is an adaptation of the classic Match-3 genre puzzle game.

Align the quirky Heebos into lines of three or more. Simple but highly addictive! Dante's Inferno Angband. Uses a 'realm' based magic system like Zangband, but with many new features. A system for developing and playing sophisticated computer adventure games interactive fictions. Roguelike influenced by mathematical puzzles. In Hydra Slayer your task is to enter Hydra Nest and clear it.

Imprudence is an alternative viewer beta version. Imprudence is an alternative viewer experimental version. Imprudence is alternative viewer native 64bit experimental version. Imprudence is alternative viewer native 32bit experimental version. Imprudence is alternative viewer native 64bit. Imprudence is alternative viewer native 32bit. A persistent 2D multiplayer platformer universe where you can create your own levels and items, chat, explore levels, and collect items made by other people.

This is the story about woodsman in the past, hacker-downshifter, his fight against evil and quantum paradoxes. Remake of ZX Spectrum qult quest-game, featuring original graphics, music, recreated menu system and customizable level of complexity. Warning: currently only partial English translation is available! Warning: package contains only Rusian version, currently there is no English translation available!

Warning: currently only Russion version is available! You need the retail. Retail game needed to play! Irukandji is a fun score attack shooter, set in an abstract underwater trench. Freeware solitaire tile matching game based on the single player game known most often as Mahjongg. A sardonic loveletter to the days of early videogaming, a nail-rippingly difficult platform game.

A neo-classical top-down shooter for up to four players set on 17th-century British Colonial Mars. You, as a bunny, have to jump on your opponents to make them explode. It's a true multiplayer game which can't be played alone. It has network support. This program is a Unix port of the old DOS game by brainchilddesign.

An independent Linux implementation of the AT-Robots 2 programming game, where different robot tanks that run assembly-type programs supplied by the players compete in an arena to be the last one standing. King Arthur's Gold Classic is a game about building castles and destroying your enemies inspired by Soldat and Minecraft.

KardsGT is a general card game suite. Bishoujo-style visual novel game that tells a story of a young man and five other girls suffering with varying disabilities Demo-version. Bishoujo-style visual novel game that tells a story of a young man and five other girls suffering with varying disabilities. Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress inspired dungeon simulator built on top of roguelike mechanics. KeiNett Launcher - Allows singleplayer and multiplayer mode. Minecraft is a sandbox game which allows players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world.

This pack contains the official expansion pack as well as a number of additional third-party levels of good quality for Knytt Stories. In Knytt Stories, each level is its own little adventure. One level is included with the game, where you have to stop a machine that draws the life out of the planet. An official expansion pack is also featured at the website with four original levels.

The basic aim is to collect all the money by extending Komi the Space Frog's tongue, while avoiding the bad guys. An addictive action-puzzle game, where you have to collect all the diamonds without getting stucked or eaten. Liberal Crime Squad: A satirical console-based political role-playingstrategy game in which you recruit a team of Elite Liberal radicals and try to save the United States from a descent into Arch-Conservatism.

A 3D grid-based dungeon crawler inspired by classic s and s action role-playing games Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Ultima Underworld. Legend of Yagg is an old-styled Role Playing Game, It is located in a Fantasy world with, magic, monsters and mysteries. LIMBO is a modern classic, putting players in control of a boy's journey through a tense and hostile world. This version uses installed wine and allows to choose the language of the game if zenity is installed. Your army is a blob of liquid and you have to try and eat your opponents.

Complete rewrite of Liquidwar 5. Little Space Duo is a classic, puzzle-based arcade game starring an unusual pair of heroes - a little girl and a small robot. Join them on a mission through the spaceship and help them to overcome all the challenges and hazards they will encounter on the. An open-source 2D game engine which uses the versatile Lua scripting language to create dynamic gaming experiences. Humble Bundle Version. Lugaru is a third-person action title. The main character, Turner, is an anthropomorphic rebel bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills.

In his quest to find those responsible for slaughtering his village, he uncovers a far-reachi. A open-source third-persion action game with revamped graphics featuring a unique close-range combat system. A point-and-click logic adventure game by the creators of Samorost requires copy of the full game. Magic Collection is a small program to manage your collection of Magic: the Gathering cards software in french only. This includes a client, server and web component, as well as a library of free content that you can use under the terms of the GPL.

While this project started in , the Mana client, server and web. The Mars Simulation Project is a free software Java project to create a simulation of future human settlement of Mars. A tiny map visualizer for Minecraft. Maps are drawn from an isometric perspective. Forked and continued by WRIM. Minecraft patcher to fix textures with higher than default resolution. For Minecraft versions 1. McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through short challenges in an oldschool point'n'click fashion.

A game creation system for ANSI-esque games, featuring an interactive editor and an object-oriented scripting language. A small roguelike game about possessing your defeated enemies in order to become stronger, classic version. Minecraft is a game about placing blocks while running from skeletons. Or something like that Snapshot version. Out-of-challenge 7DRL roguelike developped further to balance easy gameplay and include graphics. A version of the famous Minesweeper game which will always produce puzzles that can be solved using logic.

The Ever Realm

An ncurses game, clone of classical Boulder Dash - dig in earth, collect diamonds, watch out for stones Master Mind touch typing tutor; all ten fingers, intelligent learning, about 5 times faster than any other way; layouts Latin, Dvorak, querty,.. The Monster series of RPGs are high quality role-playing games. They are built from scratch with a focus on good story, unique gameplay features, and professional looking and sounding artwork and audio. A challenging old-style puzzle game, involving you collecting fruit and avoiding the enemy red dots. Minecraft launcher with ability to manage multiple instances.

Plus patch for costume clients and nonpremium accounts. Battle to save Darwinias innocent inhabitants, the Darwinians, from an evil viral infection includes full game client when activated with key. Metanet's unique 2D puzzleaction platform game. Version 1. The nighttime scenery, the slanted rooftops, the motionless statues, the threatening shadows are impressive.

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On secret corners, on the large square, there is an active nightlife for cats. All the cat protagonists are attired in clothing and endowed with the human characteristics. Groucho has a happy and a dangerous encounter. The next night he goes out again. In this humorous and well- drawn picture book Pommaux succeeds once again in transposing general human experience to the animal world. An unidentifiable monster began to terrorize the inhabitants, stealing sheep and chickens night after night. The case become more and more widely known, a public disgrace, but no solution was found - until by chance months later a large wolf was shot.

The story is so lively written that it really seems authentic. The personalities in this small community in the mountains are superbly characterized, the ups and downs of hope and error make the reader smile. With the help of the pencil drawings and colored prints of the well- known Swiss animal artist Hainard the publisher has succeeded in creating a minor work of art.

With illus. Two children, a boy and a girl, discover page after page the passive role of the woman, who is supposed to be young and beautiful, and the prejudices under which women suffered in past epochs. The lovely, meticulously laid-out book is not only an interesting work on cultural history but also a history of women's liberation. Its unusual perspective deserves particular attention.

Somewhere in France there is a boy named Adolf who bears a fatal resemblance to a historical figure. His easy-going parents have no time for him. He leaves home and goes alone into the woods where he meets a group of Neonazis having a wild party and a woman who survived the concentration camps.

Both encounters are nearly fatal. Only when the old woman has explained to him the historical background does he begin to understand. This parable of the unreliability of memory, misleading appearances, and the necessity of passing on historical knowledge is consternating and foiling. The narrative seems to be fragmented, and little Hitler is a tragicomical figure. Nonetheless, or precisely therefore, it is a book which has a feeling of immediacy - enhanced by the style of the illustrations - and forms an important addition to the literature on this subject.

With illustrations ISBN X Mythology - Legend This illustrated volume takes an unaccustomed glimpse at the mythology of various cultures and epochs by placing the mythological figures - the heroes - in the foreground. Two aspects of this work make it especially attractive: first, the term "myth" is interpreted so broadly that no only classic, e. Greek or Germanic, myths are included, but also new, literary ones, such as the heart-breaker Don Giovanni. It would have made sense to include still-living myths of our modern society such as film stars. Secondly, the author has dispensed with a geographic or chronological order and instead arranged the figures of various origins together by theme or motif.

This creates quite surprising cross-sections and allows interesting comparisons. For example, Achilles is to be found alongside Siegfried in the group of "the vulnerable;" and among the group of "those born in an unusual manner" one finds Orion and also Pinocchio. The volume is richly illustrated with pictures of art works, famous book illustrations, or scenes from films.

Picture symbols make it easy for the reader to associate a figure with its origin. The novel depicts life in a small Italian town and the everyday life of a teenager and her three girlfriends who the reader already encountered in Ascolta il mio cuore , who are in the midst of puberty, and their idolization of American film stars.

Above all this is a tale about Italy in the s: "Even refrigerators were seen as a real rarity. There were no supermarkets, no hamburgers, neither Coca Cola, nor disposable diapers or frozen foods" The author's talent lays in very apt descriptions with a distinctive choice of words in a dynamic and humorous style. The well-known illustrator Quentin Blake has contributed congenial black-and-white wash illustrations.

Zampe di gallina Chicken feet Firenze: Fatayrac, But in this book there is a little house amidst the tall buildings and the loud traffic of a big city. While all the adults rush by blindly and have no idea that this house exists, the children ask what it is doing there.

One day curious little Ulisse enters the house and makes friends with its occupants, a talking chicken and an old peculiar woman who can tell stories particularly well. And that is what the book, with its imaginative, brightly colored illustrations, is all about: stories and storytelling, the unlimited possibilities of the imagination. ISBN X Latin America - City - Homeless Child - Poverty - Ostracization - Outsider This wordless picture book shows scenes of everyday life of a street boy caught up in the vicious circle of poverty, hunger and theft, between the cars in the heavy traffic of a big city where he scrapes a living as a streetside seller.

Though he appears to be in close contact with people, passersby react to him with fear and aggressively reject him. His yearning for security remains unfulfilled. The oppressive scenes on the black-bordered double-page spreads are bathed in an artificial light. The flat, glaring colors elucidate the aggressive, threatening atmosphere of the big city. Unusual perspectives underline the confinement and the chaos, everything is in motion, there is nothing offering him support or protection.

In this book Angela Lago shows a completely new side of her many-facetted talent. The Brazilian illustrator has already won several international prizes. Actually nothing more than a resort for day excursions, he imagines it to be more tempting than paradise. Under the provision that he and his brothers not get into too much trouble, the father, a very busy gynecologist, agrees to fulfill this dream. In retrospect the nearly grown-up narrator depicts the often comical efforts the boys made to meet the father's requirement. But in the end it is all in vain. Paulo Rangel succeeds in giving a very vivid description of family life through his witty narrative and to-the-point portrayal of the catastrophes in everyday life.

Scoundrel, traitor, you will die! Madrid: SM, These are also the Franco years of law-and-order, just after the end of the Spanish Civil War. So it was no wonder that a citation from a comic "Scoundrel, traitor, you will die" thoughtlessly scribbled on a stone sets off a considerable upcry, which ends sadly with the imprisonment of a solitary former Republican soldier who had been hiding in the mountains. This is a wonderful story - enthralling, full of ideas, humane, sometimes serious, but without pathos and, despite the subject, on the whole quite witty, light and humorous.

Out of loneliness and boredom he takes on a variety of roles: he becomes the horn-blower or the servant and even conducts war against himself, trying "at least to kill time. Finally he even takes himself in marriage lust to be no longer so alone. His illusions dissolve in the end when a real-life shepherdess stands before the castle one day, bringing him back to reality and providing him with a happy-end. The humorous and at the same time poetic fairy tale is told in a simple voice. The text is aptly accompanied by numerous comic-like, delicately colored drawings.

A young student of history, Giovanni, discovers a palace in ruins which is the object of dark legends. Mysterious events occur, persons appear and disappear, old documents provide coded clues. With sharp intelligence and the aid of covert helpers, Giovanni succeeds in discovering the secret of the ancient building. Well known for his fantastic tales, which often have historical backgrounds, Gisbert combines here the elements of historical fiction, mystery and ghost stories.

He is clever at leading his protagonists - and readers - astray. The decisive question here - what is real, what is imaginary - is answered only at the very end. A thrilling, entertaining and masterly told story. He passes through life with his eyes and ears wide open, snapping up words adults use and endowing them with his own meaning, telling the reader about his experiences and thoughts as best he can.

With staggering logic and a dry humor he depicts the various episodes of his daily life in a style reminiscent of Goscinny's "Little Nick, " With Manolito Gafotas, the hero of a favorite Spanish radio program since , the reader learns in an entertaining manner much about a child's life in a Spanish metropolis. These "protago- nists" are living beings just like people or animals, they have souls, and quite unspec- tacular experiences, which prompt the reader to think about our "neighbor," the tree.

The well-known Spanish artist Asun Baizola created unusual color illustrations to accompany these lyrical texts. With their sharp contours and glowing monochrome surfaces, the figures resemble linoleum cuts, but in fact they are the result of computer based graphics. Only a few books are being published in Greenlandic, an Eskimo language, leaving the children of Greenland dependent upon books in Danish. Thus the efforts of a few publishing houses which take an interest in Greenland's children's literature are to be commended.

Even the dialect of East Greenlandic is given a place in this collection of folk tales for children. Because it is hardly spoken anymore, these eight tales, retellings of old fairy-tale like traditional stories, are also printed in West Greenlandic, Danish and English. Knowledge of the dialect had nearly disappeared; the only one able to pass down the dialect today is the farmer Elisa Maqe, born in and granddaughter of a shaman.

The realistic, slightly grotesque illustrations by a Greenland artist retain the authentic landscape of these fairy tale-like episodes. The naive realistic illustrations of the Greenland artist give an impressive portrayal of the scenes of the tale set in an authentic, pre- industrial Greenland. ISBN France History — Illegitimate child-Vitality In this pleasantly short book one has all the world in a nutshell: love, death poverty, war, mercy, child-like hope, courage and good fortune.

The foil to a chunk of real family history in France, as befits our century, could hardly be more dismal than that against which Georgette, a child born out of wedlock and soon orphaned, makes her way into a secure middle-class existence. Stimulating and impressive are the illustrations - the work of an old master - which through their authenticity he traveled to France especially for this purpose take on an urgency that no reader, no child can escape The extremely reticent form of these black and-white pencil drawings are surprising for their concentrated atmosphere and dramatic force, which is enhanced in every sense by a nervous line of seldom found finesse, even by Spang Olsen himself.

Turn-of-the-century atmosphere, cityscape, tender mother-love, but also human baseness even to exhibitionism in action in the background, but clearly visible - everything that makes the eye keen and the imagination winged is found in abundance on these few pages. The rat is coming! Slockholm: Bonniers junior, ISBN Hobo - Social isolation - Oppression - Liberation - Remorse A hobo rat, who himself has turned mean through constant social ostracization and persecution, becomes an oppressor of weaker mice from whom he steals food. But one heroic little mouse succeeds with her child-like optimism in stirring his heart so much that he feels remorse for his deeds.

With this short story, Nilsson, who by now has made a name for himself as an author of fable-like animal stories for the best Swedish illustrators, takes issue with the in times of crisis all too readily accepted motto "homo monini lupus. The phy- siognomy is apt and funny, the episodes are cleverly depicted. Jan Gustavsson is among the best realistic modern illustrators. Delfinen mellan mussia och moln The dolphin between shells and clouds Stockholm: Bonnier Carlsen, ISBN Loneliness - Self-knowledge - Strangeness - Understanding - Sibling rivalry Again and again one astounds at how popular this very individualistic illustrator is with Swedish readers.

The reason that she has such success with her bizarre and strongly stylized pictures may have something to do with young readers being schooled by today's grotesque comic series. Yet Persson is certainly not giving them easily understood topics. It is not possible to depict in only a few words the absurd situation of a lonely woman having a dolphin as a substitute for a child delivered to her house and getting used to its unusual wishes. He helps her to find a new will to live and she helps him to overcome his jealousy of a younger sibling. To be thrown off the track of everyday life for a few moments and thereby find one's own self is a tension-filled story that the reader will find rewarding.

The text is limited to naming and describing animals and their activities, without too much superfluous knowledge; included are clear, painstakingly executed color illustrations which are even more informative than photographs, since they do not confuse the reader with ingenious and decorative close- ups, which are often more for sales- promoting than illuminating. Veren Feathers Amsterdam: Querido, Nini is bored because the only child to be seen for miles around is her twin sister Maya. And she is so different from everyone else, difficult and withdrawn. When they meet Nessa, Nini wants nothing more than to have her as a friend.

But Nessa feels more drawn to Maya. They seem to understand each other without many words, and Maya begins to open up a little. Feeling left out and lonely, Nini even finds herself thinking how useful it would be if Maya would just disappear. But in the end both of the twins recognize that they belong together and need each other. This complicated story of sibling rivalry and growing up is told in a gentle sensitive narrative. When his grandfather dies and it be- comes known that he had betrayed Jews in hiding during World War Two, Lucas dis- covers that the past can catch up with you.

He is told that he has many of his grand- father's traits. When he rescues his girl- friend from a burning car, no one will be- lieve that it had been an accident. People suggest that he has a violent character. Mijn vader My father Amsterdam: Querido, ISBN Dt. Mirjam Pressler. ISBN Everyday life One day a dot rolls into Josef's life, gets bigger and bigger and soon has arms and legs and a head. And soon Josef knows that this father is someone very special.

It is not just because he is taller than all other people, he can simply do anything: he can help Josef out when he is doing mental arithmetic, help him do acrobatic tricks at the gym, or even chase a scoundrel out of is bedroom. He is always there. He can be funny or sometimes just plain normal. When he finally disappears, Josef is sure that his father will return. After all, he can do thousands of things. A funny story of everyday life in an unusual family, told from a child's perspective. But whoever opens up this over-sized, oblong picture book will be overwhelmed by the splendid interaction between text and illustration and by their expressiveness.

The reader will be filled with a desire to learn more about this event. The text provides a wealth of information about the Second World War, the atomic bomb, radiation damage, the world-wide escalation of nuclear armaments after Hiroshima, current issues about atomic energy and about the anti-nuclear energy and peace movements. This broad and diverse subject matter is given meticulous treatment, interspersed with drawings, tables and graphic art work to make it easily understandable by anyone. Parallel to the very well-structured text segments scenes of life in the old castle town of Hiroshima before, during and after the bomb was dropped, are depicted in full-page illustrations.

This informative book includes only drawing, setting it apart from most other documentary works based on photographs. Through this encounter and by experiencing a festival of the mountain inhabitants in moonlight he develops his very own art of coloring which makes him famous.

Every-one wants to see it - people from the village, from the city, from the newspaper, from television. It is the main attraction of a show in the city. For the closing celebration, Butan is to be slaughtered and Ben is offered a considerable sum of money for him. Completely enraged , Ben returns home, and from then on Butan helps out in the fields and entertains the children.

Behind this naive story there is a bitter truth to be found about exploitation. Nihon no mukashibanashi. Zen 5 kan Japanese Folk Tales. Each p. Ozawa, give a comprehensive picture of Japanese folk tale tradition. In order to give todays's children this rich store of tales in its original form, this edition has been edited with a view to the ethnographical background and literary style of oral folktales.

Furthermore, the local dialects have been trans-formed into standard Japanese and the rhythm of speech adapted to enable smooth-flowing story-telling. The tales are grouped according to the four seasons and excellently illustrated with pictures by the Hans Christian Andersen prize-winner Suekichi Akaba. It represents happiness and life even though her experiences of nature summon up conflicting feelings due to her illness.

Kokoro ni nokoru Meigabijutsukan. Zen 5kan. The Gallery of Famous Pictures. Each 48 p. The volumes are dedicated to the following themes which children are most concerned with: 1: Father, mother and child; 2: The world of animals; 3: Beauty and grace in nature; 4: Love, joy and mourning; 5: Wonderous world of dreams. This makes it easier for children to enter into the world of artistic painting. Short commentaries describe the artists, their works and the historical context.

In volumes two and three the differences between the painting techniques and styles in European and Japanese art are given special emphasis. The dynamic protagonist of this classic Chinese work is the apeking, Sun Wukong, who was born from a stone. Endowed with supernatural powers, he even pushes his way into heaven where he is turned into a stone by Buddha. After years he is freed by another monk whom he accompanies and helps to fight against demons who hinder believers making their pilgramage. This is a selection of the most popular episodes from the complete work consisting of chapters, each accompanied by a short preface.

The fish are able to walk and speak like people, but possess all the characteristics of a fish. Thus they encounter all kinds of difficulties along the way, but are repeatedly assisted by friendly people. The notable illustrations by Seiichi Takabe for this naive-absurd story for children by the wellknown poet Akiko Yosano contain a certain surreal humor in a commercial art style that was common in Japan at the beginning of this century. The enchanted chameleon in the old pagoda knows of his wish and shows him how he can make more from his money.

He cheats his friends, the bird and the trees, and even gives his friend, the lily, to the princess to win her favor. But the princess spurns his advances. Blinded by his desire for wealth, he has thus lost everything. At last he awakens from his daydream. Marvellously delicate illustrations, which are easily accessible for the viewer, accompany this story and replicate the mood of each scene and its figures in subtle shadings of color. ISBN Prince - Pride - Work The spoiled prince never works, he won't even carry a chair into the garden when his fathers asks him to.

He is much too high-born to lower himself in that way. But then he loses the kingdom and must learn to carry chairs and work hard. Tasteful illustrations transport the reader into an oriental fairy tale world. Setting out to find something to eat, she encounters first two goldfish swimming in a bowl.

They lament that if she were to eat one of them, the other would be sad and lonely. The cat accepts this and leaves them alone. Suddenly a little bird falls at her feet, but the parents beg her to spare the life of their child. The same again happens with the mice. Each time there is a good reason for the cat to give up her catch. Will she ever be able to still her hunger? This colorful picture book intends to show that it always pays off to respect the life of others and find other alternatives.

Then a little boy suddenly comes out of nowhere, flying a plastic bag as a kite. The two of them make it into a real kite and spend a mutually enjoyable day together. The gentle, poetic narrative is accompanied by pen-and-watercolor drawings which capture the character of the protagonists, their feelings and their immediate surroundings.

The book is designed in an very attractive style. Their weeks long stay there as subletters in the home of a white family makes an interesting experience for the boy used to living in a remote rural district. The peaceable relations between Zolani's family and their temporary hosts is portrayed without any moralizing overtone, and the everyday pleasures and misunderstandings make interesting reading.

Short readable chapters with fictionalized conversations and meetings make these books lively and inspiring. Illustrated with photos and supplemented with maps and an appendix of vocabulary, project activities and further reading, the series can also be used in classrooms. ISBN Brother - Birthday present - Homemade toy Musa wants to give his little brother a special birthday present, but he has no money.

With considerable ingenuity - and some forbidden scavenging - he find enough scraps to make a red racing car. Though this story is set in Africa, where pocket money may be scarcer than elsewhere, the idea that hand-made things are as valuable as store-bought ones, and a gift of the heart the dearest of all, is universal.

The color or black-and-white full-page illustrations attractively capture the main events of this simple everyday story. The school we made Harare: Baobab Books, But this strict, taciturn stranger has other ideas about classroom behavior, appearances and when it is appropriate to play soccer on the school's sport field. The efforts of the parents and the heart-felt enthusiasm of the pupils for their soccer team finally win him over and he becomes integrated into village life.

The gently drawn pen- and-brush drawings on each page capture the main elements of this well-written entertaining tale. After she moves into his quarters, his promises of marriage prove to be the false words of a lazy and self-centered man. When she discovers that he has infected her with AIDS, she must find the strength to live with this situation.

This topic is not only of interest to Africans, but all over the world. All her dreams of a modern marriage with a boy she immediately liked vanish when he dies before she arrives at his home. But in accordance with tradition, a widow must remain in the family, staying out of sight, and work as a servant. And indeed this family is very hard on her.

Chandra's spirit, however, is not easily broken, and she manages to escape from this cruel fate. Though her parents refuse to help her, her grandmother finds a way to enable her ultimately to start a new life in England. This novel touches the heart in its portrayal of a determined girl up against nearly insurmountable odds. The narrative is well-paced, the local color of the city and rural Indian life believable. Though not written by a native of India, the author has surely done considerable background research to create a sympathetic portrayal of the dilemmas of Indians torn between socially cohesive traditions and the desire for progress and individual happiness.

ISBN Climate - Conservation - Electricity - Windmill - Computer-based communication This novel is set in against a background of chaos in world weather patterns and reflects anxiety about the encironment and changing climate. A neardeath experience during a storm leaves her with psychic powers and a clear, if daunting purpose.

The third award-winning book by Lesley Howarth is a sophisticated and well-written story in which the suspense and drama are sustained throughout. After a collision with a dog sends him to hospital, Robin is extremely wary of canines. His new neighbors, family with four children, whose wacky, unconventional and inventive way of life adds adventure to his life, help him overcome his fears of dogs and bullies.

The sprightly story, full of funny episodes is a well-developed, fastpaced entertainment. Beginning here with the facts and basic laws of nature on our planet, he moves from matter and gravity to the solar system and on to the theories of the origins of our universe. The design of each page is varied, using colorful illustrations, box inserts for factual details, black-and-white cartoons and quiz questions, all arranged to keep the focus on the subject matter.

This informative and easy-to-follow text will appeal even to young readers who might otherwise avoid natural science topics. Langer, Shirley transl. ISBN Curiosity - Opposites - Reversal - Eternity One day the king sent all the children in his kingdom out to discover what the world was like on the other side.

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The surprising result is left open-ended in this playful, mindboggling tale. The author, a prize-winning poet and philosopher, is a major figure in contemporary Mexican literature. The composition of this story follows the axioms of storytelling by awakening the curiosity and imagination of the young reader with thought-provoking ideas.

The illustrator, who lives in Moscow, has already illustrated many children's books and won the Third Prize at the BIB. She has expanded the text with Alice-in-Wonderland-like imagery in a surrealistic style where colors play an important role. ISBN Festival - Homesickness - Friendship A young Indian girl whose family recently moved to the chilly northern climate of Canada excitedly looks forward to celebrating Divali, the Hindi celebration of lights in honor of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth who brings good fortune and prosperity to all throughout the year.

Though the day turns out much differently than she expected, she makes another step toward accepting her new surroundings. ISBN Family - Usefulness Little Wynne would like to contribute to the running of the household, but all the important things in home and garden are taken care of by the adults. So she turns to making gadgets and sculptures whose only function is to stimulate laughter and enjoyment. Not successful at first, she is persistent and finally gets the others to see the usefulness of her own playful creations. The caricaturist full-page and double-spread illustrations support the zany thesis of the book.

John Henrik intro. The Middle Passage. Feelings captures here a world-shattering event while also giving expression to a highly personal experience. Leaving out any text captions helps to emphasize that this sin against humanity can only be fully realized at the visceral level. In an introduction he explains how he came to develop this project, while Dr. Clarke gives historical background to the forces that led to the slave trade. This is a highly recommendable work for showing young people that history is more than facts, illustration is much more than decoration.

Dinner at Magritte's New York: Dutton, When Magritte's friend Dali also pays a visit, they help Pierre discover that there are other ways of visualizing one's immediate surroundings. Garland's colorful surrealist illustrations invite readers to open their imaginations. Watercolor scenes of landscape and black-and-white vignettes of animals and plants attractively frame the text.

On the Wings of Peace. The written contributions are short texts about true or fictitious events or poems well-suited for reading aloud. Some speak to the mind, others to the heart, but all condemn war and its pain. The artwork includes every thinkable type of media. The pieces are excellently reproduced on full-sized pages. The book was put together with great care and dedication. It includes a valuable bibliography of resource materials on war and on conflict resolution for adults and for children, biographical notes on the authors and illustrators and step-by-step instructions for folding an origami paper crane.

ISBN Orig. He begins to feel she has put a curse on him. Of course, for this well-known author-illustrator team that is just an excuse to give the reader a riotously funny romp through a maze of incongruous quiz questions. The artwork and design of each page are fully absorbing, and the clear typeface suggests that this is also a book for first readers.

The editor has apologized for and corrected a mathematical error which was overlooked. Fans of this authorillustrator team will not be disappointed in this latest collaboration. Jackson Pollock Chicago: Children's Press, Getting to know the world's greatest artists ISBN Mike Venezia believes strongly that the best way to introduce children to art or music is through fun. His wry and witty texts and matching comical, deadpan illustrations are interspersed with samples of the artist's most famous pieces. The texts highlight key biographical facts and stages in the artist's development.

Das geht doch nicht! That Won't Work! No one can or wants to try to stop her, but they grow more and more amazed. It appears to be something gigantic. The family is already celebrating under the Christmas tree in the kitchen there is not enough room anywhere else when the beloved child finally reveals the secret. The family is given a ship, big enough for them all to fit into, and they immediately go off to the sea, even though the necessary demolition of the apartment house in order to get the ship to water is rather disturbing to some of them.

This affectionate-ironical story about the situation of the youngest children, who are both gifted and pampered, and whose wishes are hard to refuse. The illustrations supplement the events of the plot in a very successful, chaotic manner. The director is trying to track down his family roots. He and his oriental friend become younger and younger the longer the journey lasts. This is a fantastic, but worldly novel written as a series of episodes from the mysterious world of the circus. The progress of his journey is burdened by the unexpected arrival of an at first unwelcome young female accompaniment.

Surprisingly it turns out that the success of the entire undertaking would be questionable without her assistance. The author gives a captivating account of the peoples and landscape of the far North. With this example of the fate of an unusual woman, the reader is presented with a vivid segment of the history of political upheavals and the beginnings of women's liberation in Central Europe.

Even younger children will be able to understand how literature and life influence one another with this short biography. As a young boy Lorca lived amidst the other children in his surroundings as a dreamy outsider. Up to his early death in the Spanish Civil War, writing poetry was an existential necessity in his life, which the author cautiously tracked down. But his uncle has been murdered to mention only the beginnings of this pleasureably told satire-detective story.

Uncle Ludwig's well-preserved corpse is hidden in the horror house where Wilfried works. The story is settled to everyone's satisfaction and the bad guys get their just reward. With a black but not bitter humor, the author sketches the dark and lighter sides of humanity, much to the pleasure of the reader. At the end of the war the family returns to Germany, but now it is Regina who loses her beloved African home. This literary and extremely captivating text gives an authentic portrait of a child growing up in a foreign culture. ISBN Raven - Enemy - Violence - Civil war - Destruction - Fable A large swarm of ravens lives peacefully in an old tree until one of them finds a red scrap of material and decides he will become the king.

A little later another raven discovers a scrap of yellow material and also wants to become king. That means war! The rival kings and their followers fall upon each other. A merciless war ensues. Finally one group sets fire to the tree to kill off the enemy. When the tree is ablaze, the ravens finally realize what they have done. The fighters unite and put out the fire. Peace returns and as an admonition, the yellow and red scraps are left to hang on the tree. This fable of the raven's civil war is expressively staged.

The sparse text outlines the course of the story and lets the illustrations portray the action. The aggression of the explosively escalating forms and color are very effective means for conveying the meaning and message of the story: how violence develops, what destructive forces they encompass, which even when held in check, still exist under the surface. Sitting in front of the mirror in her room, a little girl decides to run away from home because no one will listen to her.

The steps and stubborn ideas that must be taken when running away are revealed in each subsequent picture, passing through a long landscape into the deep dark forest. Sparse lines and subdued watercolors skillfully suggest the loneliness of the wilderness in which the child becomes lost and in desparation calls for her mother. When the full moon rises, Papa finds his child and carries her home again. Vautier, Mireille illus. ISBN Fraternity - Ethics - Anthology To share, to give, to stand together - these are synomyms for fraternity or brotherhood.

All the authors who are represented in this anthology know of the mobilizing power of fraternity from a deep human experience. Whether Epiket, Tolstoy, Georges Brassens - they all express with a passion their dedication to fellow man in an impressive, personal style. Their words are not merely abstract appeals, but suggest possibilities for practicing the ideas of fraternity.

That makes this collection of text so seducingly convincing. It can be a vade mecum for one's own life. The illustrations, done in the style of art brut, corresponding perfectly to the spirit and immediate appellative character of the texts. Reduced to their simplest form as heads, the figures have stripped off everything that would prevent an encounter with their brothers. Their ability to smile is as convincing as the expressivness of the texts. The sources of the text are given in an bibliographic appendix. This series also contains other recommendable anthologies. Elle lit. The children's mother has buried herself in soft pillows near the mellow light of her lamp, hoping for a quiet hour of reading.

Suddenly a zooming toy grasshopper and a picturebook are pushed to the foreground. They belong to the sons, who pester their mother, demanding her affection. The cool, dark tones give way to warm, lighter colors and at last she enfolds all the children in her arms. In this suble portrayal of childlike perceptions, the artist has broken with all conventional techniques of picture book illustration. She works with an assembly of elements which can only be grasped with associative reading and encoding.

Reduced to a few funny effects, the graphic economy of the story develops its own sophistication. With selfmade masks two little merry chicks take pleasure in frightening each other. And the masks are so well done that they are even frightened of themselves. The idea is correspondingly clear-cut: the easily understandable texts are kept short in comparison with the space given over to the illustrations which portray Biblical scenes in transparent watercolors. The faces are drawn with pen strokes, and showing lively real-life mimics.

The colors and localized details of the Mediterranean world are carefully chosen, stimulating a closer look. This is also a suitable book for reading aloud and re-telling. ISBN Sahara Desert - Touareg The life and customs of the Touareg caught between tradition and modern demands is presented here through a fictitious tale about a young shepherd boy. High-quality documentary photos accompany the text.

In an appendix further ethnographic information and explanations are provided. Human history is in no small way a history of hunger and sacrifice, of surplus and of lust for eating. Massimo Montanari's texts offer a richly varied mixture of stories, documentation, myths, legends and historical accounts.

The palette offers, among other things, stories of the tree of life, miracle stories from the Bible about the appearance of food and drink or the corn people myths of the Mayas. Furthermore other topics such as the land of Cockaigne, the discovery of the potato and the cocoa bean, table manners, seasonings and flavorings, beer and tortellini. It is remarkable how many connections and parallels in cultural history can be discovered.

The book is enhanced by numerous colorful, vivid pictures in mixed media, primarily in pastel crayons and paper collages. The beginning of each chapter is graced with an original anthropomorphic initial letter. Narrativa; 39 ISBN In the Middle Ages the mill considered the focal point of rural life since everyone had to go there sooner or later, even a child.

When Denis, a nameless foundling, arrives there, the miller brothers Gustav and Francois Tabin agree to take him in. Denis's best friend is Freut, a mongrel dog, and together they have many adventures which shape his development as much as the bread sculptures, knights, and mysterious letters. The author skillfully develops the story to give a vivid picture of life during those times.

Don Giovanni. Doppio giallo Don Giovanni. A double detective story Firenze: Salani, During their investigations at the opera house the both discover strange parallels between the plot of the opera and the life of the singers. Reality and fiction are so interwoven that in the end they prove to be inseparable, and even the case remains shrouded in mysterious darkness. As a result Rick's mother, the she-wolf, is killed and the boy is forced to enter the aggressive world of human beings. With its well-constructed plot and welldrawn characters, the story's setting seems very realistic and plausible.

His mother abandoned the family twelve years before; his father, a former teacher, works as a fisherman and struggles with alcoholism. Removed from his familiar surroundings, he must now adjust to a new setting which he feels to be strange and at times even threatening. Along with these difficulties, he is preoccuppied with his father's illness and his love for Christine, a girl in his school.

Although the author employs certain themes and elements typical of a young adult novel, the book does not contain the usual images and elements of plot. The characters seem very much real and convincing, the problems tangible, and the reader is given no easy solutions. The boy's conflicts, his vacillating reactions to his father's decline and the fascination of his first romance are very plausible. The convincing portrayal of the city, the waterfront, and life near the sea round out this novel, and keep the reader turning the pages to the very end.

This large-sized book has been excellently designed from paper to printing quality. Exotic and bizarre figures, animals, fabulous creatures populate the scenes, moving about within magical landscapes and meticulously designed interiors. Whether full-paged color illustrations or small pencil vignettes, there is always something new for the viewer to discover. Both stories are set in Toledo - in and in the middle of the 16th century - and are connected together by the young firstperson narrator. The passages of the history tale are of particular interest due to the lively and suspenseful portrayal of life in Spain after the expulsion or forced Christianization of the Jews, a period strongly influenced by humanistic ideals but also the first signs of the Inquisition.

Aventuras de Mr. Boisset The adventures of Mr. The Continued Adventures of Mr. Boisset Zaragoza: La Biblioteca de Lastanosa, Boisset - who landed in Japan after many adventurous travels - and his assistant Omuro, finds itself alone one day and sets off to discover the world. Tomi's travels are a wondrous journey through 19th century Japan, and end finally after crossing the ocean in California. Just like the naive, inexperienced locomotive, the reader will also be captivated by the fascination and peculiarities of Japanese life. Encounters with apes, washerwomen, a monk, a feudal lord and his samurai, a travelling Bunraku puppet theater, etc.

Funny, richly detailed, imaginative pictures, different types of paper and illustration techniques, creatively used Japanese characters and a meticulously printed text form an original, artistically remarkable book that will appeal to youth and to adults. Strangely enough, Felipe doesn't like fish, runs away from birds and miaus loudly when strangers come to the door. In short, it is quite clear that he considers himself a dog.

This humorous story is excellently matched with colored drawings. Particularly striking is the consistent use of typography as a means of artistic expression. Different type faces and sizes express, for example, surprise or emphasis, and the text is placed on the page - sometimes in curves or waves - in such a way that it is an integral element of the illustrations. Animales de aventura Adventure Animals Madrid: Altea, Short portraits of the authors are included in an appendix.

Un Dimanche avec He choses the route, i. In this book Cezanne takes the child-reader on a long walk through, showing all his favorite places. His manner of speech is simple, reduced to the essentials and vivid. The words encourage reflection and the first attempts at seeing from an artist's point of view. They try to comfort each other. The text lets the child speak in the first person about what is happening in the church, about the impossibility of understanding the absoluteness of leave-taking and the roguish hope of making it all reversible.

It is illustrated with abstract colors and color collages dominated by the blue and brown tones of religious panels and stained glass windows. A picture book that is only gradually accessible, and which deserves to be looked at and explained to a child over and over again. This creature, whose legendary existence captures the imagination of the village inhabitants but also feeds their hunting instinct, makes the acquaintance of the young girl Joana. Their affection for each other grows, but for two reasons can have no future. On the one hand, neither one of them can completely and permanently overcome the boundaries of their worlds, i.

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So in the end he leaves his familiar habitat and retreats to distant waters. In a poetic manner and changing narrative patterns, in accord with the peaceful course of life at the river or the dramatic turns of plot, this story unites old traditional stories with a story of our own times.

In a simple and subtle manner this story tells how our world becomes ever poorer and more prosaic through man's dominance. There is no longer room for the extraordinary, the magical. It becomes surpressed, surviving only in the world of legends and myths. Her memoir is divided into five chapters, each of which covering a fifteen year period. Violeta's memories include happiness and disappointment, love, friendship, good-byes and losses, each followed in spite of it all by a new beginning. In different episodes the life story of the narrator is assembled piece by piece: adventures he shares with his uncle, family circumstances and difficulties, the separation of his parents, life with his father, all his hopes and dreams.

The author, an internationally known illustrator, draws here a very vivid and sensitive portrait of a boy coming of age. With increasing uneasiness she observes the progress of the illness and discovers the psychological causes which lead to this drive toward self-destruction. The trusted face of her friend breaks to reveal a different merciless person who is driven by a revengeful obsession with power.

It also shows that true friendship only reveals itself when put to the test. The scenario on which the plot is based is historically sound, solid and tightly developed. The figure of the master who has the powers of a shaman brings in mythical ideas from a prehistoric age. On the journey to the so-called New World he teaches his pupil to read world's phenomena to find traces of submerged ages and to trust the magical powers which influence human fate. But Somerset set off for the ride like a knight sets off on a mission.

  • Nasarias Family.
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  • The Construction of the Self, Second Edition: Developmental and Sociocultural Foundations.
  • Passing Through the Fire: Conscious Imagination and Thinking;
  • New Avengers Vol. 9: Secret Invasion Book 2 (The New Avengers).
  • Four Symphonies in Full Score (Dover Music Scores)!
  • The Legends: Brothers?
  • The bus is a dangerous opponent, the driver the master of the dungeons, the passangers his prisoners. Already by the first busstop unbelievable things have occurred as seen from the perspective of an imaginative child. In this manner the young viewer can empathize and have pleasure with the animal kingdom while subtly acquiring a precise lesson in natural history. Cappelen, While retaining her individual graphic style - a mixture of abstraction, expressive gestures and primitivist form - she employs more expansive and consistency in these pictures.

    This is the story of a statue that loses her diary, searches for it in various places in the city and finally finds it at the police station, it is fascinating to see how the artist can create a level of uncertainty and mystery behind the concrete figures and landscapes.

    She encourages the imagination of the reader who is prepared to indulge in the mood of the images. Elvtyven The river thief Oslo: J. Cappelen, []. But not for long, because they soon are captured by a tramp and turned first of all into fish. They have to wander around the world searching for a stolen river before they finally arrive home again safely. This is an adventure story, amusingly told, illustrated with comical cartoon illustrations that take all the trouble out of reading.

    In a compact, fairy-tale like form the reader experiences the grotesque clashes between the animals, whose can only imperfectly behave like people leaving behind them in the bus funny black lumps , and civilization. They advance to stardom as pop-singers because their rhythmic ba-ba-ba fits ideally into the level of pop-music.

    Brief and humorous, accom-panied by ingenious black-and-white illustrations in Iben Sandemose's typical, robust style - books which succeed as well as this one are not found often. This is a topic which is often disturbing to children when they realize that they want to be good, but instead do bad things. That both sides go to make up each person is shown in the ending when the gentle, handsome Jon and the strong, coarse Sigurd melt together into one person.

    Harald Nordberg's pictures portray shapes and landscapes in almost naive form, embedded in spotty, even cracked color backgrounds. Static or full of movement, the shapes and colors merge into vigorous pictures which can unfold their full effect even in a relatively small book format. ISBN Cat - Death - Angel - Grief The theme of death and grieving has certainly never been dealt with in such and ingenious and humorous manner as in this picture book.

    It describes how a little girl buries her dead cat and forwards all the cats letters to heaven. Later a new cat helps to overcome the sadness once and for all. Sandemose works with vivacious movement and solid lines and spaces and intensive but not garish colors. The double-paged spreads with hand-written text the letters excellently unfold their full graphic effect through the contrast between black-and-white, monotone and multicoloring. She is even able to make a field full of black gravestones aesthetically appealing. The story is told in forty stanzas, each one a little gem of playful rhyming.

    But it is not so much the text which makes this book so special. With each stanza, a renowned illustrator has given his or her view on the story. This makes for an exuberant and colorful mosaic of illustrations in a great diversity of styles.