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Just remember that conversation partners are a two-way street—you need to help them with their conversational English as well.

Tips for Day-to-Day Living

The social media website Reddit is also a useful resource, with forums specifically on any country you may be moving to, as well as one specifically for studying abroad , where you can ask questions of people who have studied or are currently studying in your destination. I had one friend who hated making phone calls in English, so I made ordering- and lab equipment-related phone calls to English-speaking companies for her, and she made university- and government-related phone calls in French for me. It was a great relief to both of us. You can trade editing services in the same way, since many people will have to write in English and will need some help proofreading it.

In exchange, that same friend can have a look at your class assignments for you. Departmental bowling night?

Ten Ways to Boost your English Language Skills

Co-workers heading out dancing? Acquaintances going to watch a fireworks display?

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None of these activities really require you to converse well but can make for a shared experience to help build friendships. The travel networking site Couchsurfing hosts events in a number of cities. You can also check with your university or local language school. So give it a try.

Mind Your Language Season 1 Episode 1

Speaking a new language will almost certainly make you sound childish and silly sometimes. If you, like me, are a bilingual person with English as your second language, you might be wondering whether you should write a blog in English, or in your own language. In this post, I will share some information and some pros and cons in regards to this question. I recently got this email that had an interesting situation in terms of what language to write your content in so wanted to share the question here on the blog as well. Take a look:.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on how to create a blog. What do you think I should do? Should I leave it just in English, or should I switch to write sometimes in Spanish and Italian as well? And explain on my profile that they will receive some posts in different languages?

I guess you will have to decide what your goals with the blog are and how much time you have for posting content 2 or 3 languages will take longer time than 1 language for sure. On the other hand, if you do speak two or more languages that will be the key decision to take first before starting: what language to write in. Some bloggers choose to write in their own language and write a short sentence describing what they wrote in English at the end of the post.

This might work for sites that are mainly about showcasing pictures, but if your blog is more about the text, this will be confusing for the reader and time-consuming for you. I decided early on to go with English for all my projects. All my blogs are born global in the sense that I look for a global audience and am not targeting specific countries and geographic areas only.

By learning English, you will also learn about other cultures. Few experiences will make you grow as a person more than learning the values, habits and way of life in a culture that is different from yours. If you want to learn English, please contact us to speak to a member of our team about our English courses in the UK.

The trouble with speaking English as a second language

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