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Paul was not about his ministry, but the mission of Christ, which he had been called to fulfill. Ministry or mission, the great commission is to seek those who are lost, to introduce them to a real and living Jesus. Paul did not live in regret or rejection even while in prison or even facing death. Either he was crazy or he really did believe no matter what he faced Jesus and the Holy Spirit were going to see him through.

Overall Statement of my Life's mission

Paul was confident of his God! In fact he said I am confident in this one thing, He who has began a good work will be faithful to complete it…even unto death. The apostle Paul trusted his God not his surroundings. We should desire this kind of faith.

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No matter the circumstance, the rejection, or persecution; we will not let go of God and His promises to us. For this one thing we truly can be confident in, HE is faithful!

The Secret to Staying Motivated (and Motivating Other People)

I thank God for each of you. I pray you will be called to something bigger than a ministry, for ministries come and go, but the great commission in Christ Jesus will live on until the Day of His return. Transform your life into His mission for His glory and the expanding of the Kingdom of God. It works.

More M’s Mean More Job Satisfaction

With the millennial generation entering the workforce, the benefits of donating to nonprofits has multiplied. It is something your team gets to be a part of -- giving them a sense of purpose the expands beyond the balance sheet; something they can tell their friends and family about.


While you may not win an employee for life, you will give them some purpose outside of the typical day-to-day work, which ideally translates to less employee turnover. Millennials want to grow and learn as fast as they can.

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In return, they are eager to progress in their careers. You have to understand, most of these people grew up watching parents work the same job, day in and day out, all of their lives. Most of those parents either worked the same job or the same field, rarely growing beyond that title or skill.

This younger generation dislikes bureaucracy and distrusts traditional hierarchies. If you have a secretive management team, this is an even bigger distraction for them. Show them how they bring value to the company, and be very open about how they can progress their careers within the company. Consider new titles that fit in-between traditional title steps. Each step adds a little more responsibility, challenging and growing their skillset. Instead of telling them, show your team members that they can make a difference in the company by helping them grow. Related: 4 Strategies to Connect With Millennials.

Motivate Your Sales Team: The 20 Point Checklist

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